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What did you achieve in 2010?

2 Jan

I should have wrote this post before 1 January, but having just read Seth Godin’s year in review post where he highlighted his achievements in 2010 I thought I would do the same.

Comparing last year with 2009, I don’t think I achieved as much, in some respects I took my foot off the gas a little, but here goes

  • Invited on the first twitter trip with British Airways to New York.
  • My dodgy London hotel video on You Tube mentioned on BBC Fasttrack.
  • Quoted in the Independent about online fraud.
  • Providing a few blogging tips for the Guardian for travel bloggers.
  • Travel Rants reviewed in Web User and given a 4/5 score.
  • Provided advice in the Mirror about the pitfalls of booking a holiday.
  • Held the 3rd Travel BlogCamp in London during the World Travel Market.

I found writing this post useful because it has made me realise that actually it hasn’t been a bad year.

What did you achieve in 2010?